About Us

In the year of 2021, a brand was born: Baanali at Bowenpally, Secunderabad in the district of Hyderabad. The name Baanali implies kadai in Telugu. Started by two sisters: Penmetsa Usha and Datla Rajeshwari, Baanali began as a cloud kitchen, unveiling mouth-watering homemade preparations in a sheer healthy and hygienic ambience. 

An amazing array of piquant pickles, marvelous mixtures, unforgettable sweets and tangy podis are initiated and crafted by the women folk only. Why women? Because the whole idea was to set an example for other women endowed with an entrepreneurial attitude. These two sisters mustered strength to showcase an extensive smorgasbord of home-made, traditional healthy delicacies and aromatic condiments in the contemporary market scenario, where their own meticulous research presented the excessive demand for traditional food. Though sadly, the demand and supply for such healthy homemade delicacies alike grandma’s orthodox kitchen was conspicuously mismatching.

With usage of cold-pressed oils and no preservatives, Baanali dishes out listless healthy, tasty and home-prepared food with passion and care to offer happy experience, always. Some of the best sellers pop out to be nuvvundalu, chitti kaaja, khajjikayalu, thotakura fry, royyalu aavakaya, aavakaya pachchadi, and gongura pandu mirchi pachchadi and kaju pakoda, amid many more savories.

In the contemporary time, our fast-paced world has barely any time to prepare these delicacies and condiments that millions out there long to taste, the home-made tastes that kids are crazy for. And what more? Baanali has already won the hearts of several celebrities, politicians and healthcare units across the city. And, they have already spread their wings to reach almost globally: exporting in UAE, Australia, Canada and Singapore!

Welcome to the unique world of true Telugu treats and experience your story with Baanali and remain surprised. Every time.